We always start our approach to product developments by analysing the demands of our customers. At the same time we explore new materials, new technology to incorporate them into our new products. From the development stage to the finished product we always keep in mind the requirements given from the customers regarding quality, safety and price.


Company Profile

BAFANG, a leading manufacturer of e-mobility components and complete systems, sells its products in Europe, China and the United States. Thanks to its expertise in production of systems for e-bikes and electric scooters, the company’s products are well received in those markets.

For more than ten years BAFANG has been developing components and complete systems for electric vehicles. We started by developing and making e-bike motors and thanks to our extensive experience and our development team of over 40 engineers we now make second-generation motors for e-bikes and electric scooters.

BAFANG has now become a globally successful supplier of complete systems. Apart from high-quality motors, we offer a complete product range of components for e-bikes and electric scooters. Our portfolio also includes user-friendly HMIs (human machine interface), reliable storage batteries and sensors for a natural driving feel, either as individual components or as a complete system. Connectors and motor control units (controllers) complement our product range.

The system constituents such as the index mechanism built in the shifting lever, the frictionless SIS rear index shifting cable and the smooth action rear derailleur realize the SHIMANO INDEX SYSTEM.


Alloy Aluminum Frame:

The frame of this bike is made of 4 inches travel hand built 6061 aluminum alloy frame that is durable and strong. When you have a bike with such kind of a frame, you are rest assured that the bike will last for a long period on time. The frame makes the bike to be strong and therefore it can take any kind of terrain.

                                          Mechanical Disc Brake:

The Tektro Aires mechanical disc brake provides optimal stopping power that helps any biker to slow down and stop the bike with zero difficulties. The bike is equipped with disc brakes at the rear and front makes this one of the best reliable mountain bikes. This makes it easy to control speed while on the mountain trail which is really indispensable when it comes to safety.

Assembly Information:

The bike comes 85% assembled. You will have to assemble the handlebars, the front wheel, disc brake and the petals. (The gear levels and the brake come already connected to the handlebar). The back tire, back disc brake front fork, gears and the chains are already assembled.

Important Features:


    6061 aluminum alloy 


    SR Sun tour XCT 100Mm suspension fork


    7 speed gears


    Mechanical disc brakes